Thursday, December 5, 2013

Northern Tier Gear List

I worked up a gear list for our crews that are going to Northern Tier in 2014.  We will test the list as we do our training outings to see what can be cut or added.  Taking as little as possible is a goal given the limited amount of space that will be available.  Give the list a look over and leave your comments with feedback. Most of the items are directly from the official NT participant manual. 

Dry Clothes (Camp)
         Lightweight camp shoes, close toed
         Synthetic long sleeve shirt
         Synthetic T-Shirt (provided)
         Synthetic Pants; zip off
         2 pairs of socks; wool or synthetic
         Lightweight fleece jacket or pullover
         Stocking cap
         Synthetic long underwear
         Sleepwear: t-shirt & shorts/lightweight

Wet Clothes (Canoeing)
         Boots: Jungle style with full ankle coverage and instep drainage
         Synthetic long sleeve shirt
         Synthetic T-shirt (provided)
         Wool or synthetic socks (2 pairs)
         Polypro sock liner (1 pair)
         Synthetic underwear (1 pair)
         Synthetic pants; zip off
         Broad brimmed hat
         Lightweight breathable rain jacket
         Lightweight breathable rain pants
         Optional; paddling gloves

Personal Gear
         Lightweight sleeping bag (rated 20-35) 
         6 foot Z-rest foam pad or ultra-light Therm-a-rest
         Backpackers pillow (pillow case)
         Dry bag for sleeping clothes
         Bandanna or buff
         Backpacker’s towel
         Small Toothpaste
         Meal kit including bowl, spoon and cup
         Nalgeene Water bottle (Provided)
         Lip balm w/sunscreen
         Small pocket knife
         Personal Meds (2 complete supplies)
         Headlamp with extra batteries
         Sunglasses and/or eye glasses with keeper strap
         1 Compass per canoe (small, liquid-filled, flat base)
         Small personal first aid kit
         Waterproof matches or lighter in container
         Watch with alarm
         Small pump-squirt bottle of 30-100% DEET
         Small sunblock
         Two one gallon zip lock bags
         Two or three carabineers for attaching items to canoe
          2 diaper pins

         Water proof camera with extra batteries
         Journal with pen/pencil
         Fishing gear: To be decided by crew
         PFD: These are provided by NT Scouts can bring own if preferred

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