Saturday, July 2, 2011

Training for Philmont #2

This morning was our second training hike for Philmont 2012 and the first of a series of 10 mile hikes as the Scout start work on the hiking merit badge. We got an early start by meeting at 530 the beat the terrible heat we are having in OKC. The planning Scout chose a nice route around one of my favorite local lakes.
Overall it was a great hike today with our group finishing much faster than we had anticipated. It looks like we have a pretty fit group of guys with good attitudes. Never did I hear any complaining along the way. Our Scoutmaster is a veteran of many Philmont trips and uses his teaching skills by having Scouts take turns in the lead and by having several carry a compass along the way. It was often that he would ask one of them to give a barring to an object.
By the time we reached the parking lot I was still feeling strong but indeed was ready for the a/c of the car. My main need for training is work on my core to strengthen my back. So far I am doing well with this and it seemed to make a positive difference this morning.

Being our first 10 miler, I am incredibly proud of the Scouts and adults for the great effort today. More to come.....