Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time to camp

Troop Guides Teaching using EDGE
 This weekend is our first campout with our full group of New Scouts. During Troop planning last year the Scouts voted on this campout to be different in that it is out of state and a longer than typical drive (close to 5 hours).

This is my third year helping as an ASM for the New Scout program in our Troop and once again I find myself full of excitement about getting to know these young men and seeing firsthand how much they will grow and mature thanks to the many challenges and fun they have ahead.

Our three Troop Guides will also learn many lifelong skills as they facilitate learning, deal with conflict, lead through the stages of team development and fully understand the awesome responsibility that leading others brings.

Since we will be leaving at our usual 6PM, this will mean setting up camp starting at 1100. Certainly this will be a memorable challenge for our New Scout patrol as they attend their first campout and experience many other firsts including: Setting up a tent, cooking, KP, hiking and spending time with a bunch of guys most of them do not know very well. All but one of the new Scouts were Cubs but of course Scout led Patrol camping is very different than family style camping.

Many of their parents our joining us for the first time as well and I can remember clearly the struggles I had transitioning from a Webelos leader to Boy Scouts. There is a sudden "what do I do" bit of loss since the Scouts are to lead and learn with no interference from adults. I know some of the New Scout parents will experience this too. It is hard not to jump in and "help".

It is going to be a great weekend for sure.