Sunday, April 13, 2014

Norther Tier Practice Campout

This weekend was our first Northern Tier Crew outing as we work to prepare for our Trip that is coming the last weekend June this year. The Troop has two groups going each consisting of 6 Scouts and 2 adults. Originally both crews were going on the same date but the other crew had to change due to some scheduling conflicts.

Up to this point we have had several crew meetings and some crew training during our March campout. This was the first time and perhaps the only time are camping just crew only. It was also the first time were able to test out our skills on the water and together
Northern Tier is my fourth high adventure in a row with Sea Base, Philmont, and Jamboree in the previous years. Each experience has been very different and for sure I have learned a lot along the way. We are very fortunate to have and adult on the second crew that has been to Northern Tier previously and most of the Scouts on our crew have previously participated in high adventure.

Nonetheless, I know from experience that it is important to not take anything for granted. Discovering and working out group dynamic frustrations and skill identifiers prior to being off on the adventure are very important. Even though these Scouts have been together for many years the function of a small group in a wilderness situation is far different from a small group as part of a larger Troop.

Our weekend went pretty well with the Scouts and the Adults learning some lessons to take and soak on before we train again. As expected, there were Scouts short on gear, Scouts that wanted to take short cuts on learning and Scouts that were just plain excited all the time. All of course is part of the process of team building and learning.