Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Philmont Gear Meeting

 Recently we had one of the more exciting of our Philmont training experiences. Gear time! Our Scoutmaster is a true Philmont veteran with having gone on four previous trips. Learning from his level of experience and overall obsessiveness (he is an engineer) is a key positive for our Scouts to be completely prepared for the trail. We plan to have a strong focus on traveling light as well as being physically fit.

“an ounce in the morning is a pound in the afternoon”

For this meeting, Scouts and adults were treated to a buffet of gear examples from every price range. The gear required to travel light and comfortably is expensive. I have been lucky enough to have been buying the “good stuff” over the last few years which leaves our family with a little less to buy than some others. Even with that in mind, there are many things left for us to buy. My high adventure point of reference is Sea Base from 2011 which basically only required the purchase of some extra sun screen and flip flops.

Our Scoutmaster also provided the Scout families with a multipage document outlining the required gear and purchase suggestions. Finally, he is always on the prowl for good deals and sends emails out when he catches something on sale that would be good for the Scouts.

It was a fun meeting and now I am looking forward to some time at the store. : )