Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Going to Philmont--This year!

The calendar has turned and now we are finally in 2012. This simple little change is making the reality of going to Philmont seem closer and more real. Our crew is continuing to prepare with winter training that includes a session of walking stairs at a downtown building follow by a learning session led by our Scoutmaster. We are fortunate that he has been to Philmont several times and has extensive knowledge.

During the meeting this week, he had several handouts for the Scouts about the various Trek offered and programs. Time was spent in detail discussing each option. Being Scout run, it is up to the guys to decide our Trek and they left with worksheets to prioritize what they would like to do. I like the point of the Scoutmaster---There are many great places to go hike but there is only one and the difference there is the programs. I know they will chose well.

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