Sunday, May 31, 2009

Water Rocket Plan

Our plan today is to build a couple more water rocket launchers. Have you ever used these? Fun and easy to make. Here are the plans...

3 each - ¾” PVC Cap
One - ¾” PVC Tee joint
One - ¾” x ½” threaded Tee joint
5’ of ¾” PVC schedule 40 pipe
One - ½” x 8” threaded riser pipe
One - ¾” 90 degree ell (“L) joint
1’ electrical tape
One tire inner tube valve
PVC pipe cement or epoxy
Important: use protective gloves and goggles when gluing!!!

Assembly Instructions:
With a hack saw, cut the 5’ PVC pipe into
Two - 6”,
two - 12” and
one - 8” length.
Drill a ½” hole in the middle of one ¾” Cap.
Push the valve stem into this hole and trim the rubber so that it will have a tight seal.
Glue this cap to one 6” pipe, being careful to have the pipe end push the rubber to be tightly sealed against the cap.
Assemble the rest of the launcher as shown, and glue the joints.
Wrap the threaded riser pipe where it joins the threaded Tee, so that there is a tapered, water-tight connection when a 2 liter bottle, with a few cups of water in it, is pushed onto it.

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  1. "Assemble the rest of the launcher as shown" ?? Is there supposed to be pictures?