Friday, June 28, 2013

Scout Leadership Training Round Robin

My son is on his second round as SPL for his Troop and early this year was led the Troop leadership training. The entire training was Scout led and had the extra benefit of several NYLT Scouts to help with the process.

One new thing the SPL introduced was a roundtable exercise with the Scouts where he presented a series of scenarios for them to discuss. There were no adults in the room during the this time so that the discussion could be as open and meaningful as possible. The other day I ran across the stack of 3X5 cards he used for this and found the topics to be very interesting:
  • Some Scouts are horse playing around at a Court of Honor where everyone can see. How would you deal with that?
  • You see some Scouts throwing trash in the forest. How do you use this a teachable moment about the outdoor code
  • You walk into your campsite and see a patrol member crying. How would you respond?
  • You notice bullying in the Troop. What is the proper response
  • Your leader gets too abusive with his authority. How to do change this? How would you resolve the issue?
  • One of your patrols’ tents flood. How do you make a compromise
  • A patrol member refuses to do KP even though he was assigned this on the duty roster. How do you deal with this?
  • Leadership gets in an argument. What do you do? How do you prevent this?
  • You’ve asked multiple times for a Scout to put his phone up but he is constantly is on it. What should be addressed and why?
  • A Scout says that his knife was stolen and he can’t find it. What is the best solution?
  • You suspect a Scout of taking illegal drugs. What do you do?
  • No one in your patrol is listening to you. How would you handle and fix that?
  • You lose a Scout and he goes missing. How would you find and make sure it does not happen again?
  • You are walking down a trail and Scout notices a dead animal and wants to touch it. What do you do? Why?
  • An adult is constantly coming into your patrol site for their son. How do you kindly take care of this?
  • You notice a parent taking over the patrol and the patrol leader and his Scouts are not getting a chance to lead on their own. How do you restore order?
  • You have a member in your patrol that the patrol doesn’t like. One day when he is away the Scouts start making fun of him. What do you do as a leader?
  • You notice some of your patrol members not attending meetings and campouts anymore. How would you handle this?
  • Your patrol lost a game this weekend and hasn't worked well together since. Their morale is low. How can you lift their spirits?
  • One scout is homesick at summer camp. How do you lift is spirits and help him?
  • Because of poor planning your patrol members did not buy enough food for a meal. How do you fix this?
  • A Scout is constantly interrupting skill or is talking during skill with no respect towards others. What will you do?
  • An adult is furious and mad. He starts yelling. What is the best response?
  • An adult leader is rude to Scouts and pushing to have his way all the time. How do you handle this?

Based on this extensive list, I am sure it was quite a discussion!  Any of these sound familiar? Interesting to read these and know from his perspective after several years in the Troop most are something he has experienced. 

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