Monday, July 16, 2012

Our Final Philmont Shakedown

Yes just days away from our departure to Philmont and time for the final crew personal gear shakedown. The Scouts came with everything they were expected to bring on the trail during our Trek and were asked to dump it all out for inspection. Much better to find out before leaving if anything is missing of course! Most Scouts had every item that was expected with just a couple exceptions of a sock or some other minor item. Thankfully they have time to get these things together before we leave.

The best tool for this shakedown has been the PG list provided by our Scoutmaster. Items are listed in categories and include weight limits since we are working to travel as lightly as possible. I have personally packed and re-packed probably a half dozen times over the last few weeks and it seems I live learned a little more each time. I have also walked a few miles with the pack fully loaded just about every other day. This is in addition to my normal running and cycling.

I have a good feeling about the overall level of preparedness of the Scouts in our crew. I know they are going to do great and have a true trip of a lifetime. I can’t wait to see them learn and grew as we hit the Philmont trail starting July 21st.

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