Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Passing the test

I am going to have to be honest. The last several months have really tested my resolve and commitment as an Adult Scout volunteer. I have often heard that “Scouting would be fun if it were not for the adults”. We kind of expect conflict and issues with kids since that is part of the growing up process and failures are really an important part of maturing. When conflict and frustrations come from adults it can be heart breaking.

I am the FOS chair so of course all Council financial complaints come my way. I have always felt we should give our time and our finances to things we believe. Is it such a big deal to give even $20 bucks?

I am an ASM for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree and have been shocked to have so few Scoutmasters and unit leaders return phone calls or e-mails. Our signups are low and I am convinced it is mostly due to Unit leaders not passing along the information to their Scouts. Really is it all that difficult to return a phone call or reply to an e-mail?

I am an ASM of a wonderful Scout Troop and have been frustrated by adult to adult conflicts, people driven by egos and personal agendas. Can’t we all just get along and have fun?

There have been times when I have started to question why I spend so much of my time, my money and my heart on this program.

Sunday I attended the Troop Court of Honor and once again had a chance to be reminded of the why. I saw the Scouts dressed in full uniform enjoying each other as friends. I saw proud parents beam as their sons celebrated rank advancements. In the row in front of me, saw a grandma shed tears throughout her grandson’s Eagle speech. Best of all, I heard two Eagle Scouts tell what the program has come to mean to them as they have journeyed to Eagle. It was a wow moment for sure.

Scouting is not a hobby or just something fun to do in the outdoors. For me, it is a mission that God has given me. It is my chance to show His love through the Oath, Law and Motto. It is my chance to maybe in the slightest possible way have a positive influence on a youth and perhaps even his parent.

To my core, I know there is a kid that will be different and better as a result of this program. Even if the investment only pays off for one person and even if that payoff only comes many years from now it will all be worth it.

Yes we may never see these results in person and we may never know the difference we made. That does not matter if you know in your heart why you are here. “On my honor I will do my best”

So—Bring it on! I am not going anywhere as long as there is any Scout out there that in even the smallest way may benefit from my mission. I know why I am here.

Do you?

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  1. As a New Scout parent, I can assure you that the leadership and giving of the ASM's at Troop 168 are making a difference in all the boy's lives. I see it in the faces of the boys and the pride they take in being scouts.